Preparing for the Post Covid-19 Era

As many workplaces across Ireland are having a phased return to office in 2022, there is one certainty amid the constant uncertainty - that the Covid-19 pandemic had has fundamentally transformed how we work, communicate, travel and essentially, how we live. Though many companies are implementing a ‘hybrid’ approach to returning to work, there is a lot to consider when implementing a strategy to prepare for the “New Normal”.

One of the most remarkable changes over the past two years and in line with public health restrictions is how remote working has become ‘the norm’ for many. Prior to 2020, remote working was often viewed as a privilege, but since March 2020 it has become the standard practice for millions through ongoing restrictions and for an increasing number of organisations. For many, flexible working is the future.

In the post-Covid era, reduced face-to-face interaction between employees is expected, and new policies and procedures will create an entirely different office environment than what many have become accustomed to. Business and client relationships are no exception. As we are moving into the next stage of the pandemic, with a shift towards a ‘Living with Covid’ outlook, many organisations will be forced to create new and innovative methods to remain connected to their clients. The reality is that social distancing and public health measure will continue throughout 2022.

For many businesses over the last 18 months, success in maintaining relationships has been primarily attributed to the abundance of readily available technology. Companies that previously had no online presence are now shifting some business operations online and other workforces have migrated entirely to the digital sphere. Therefore, there is no doubt that technology will be further enhanced and embraced by businesses across the world in the post-covid era to bridge the gap between surviving the crisis to thriving within it.

As a consequence of the pandemic, social media has become an essential communications tool for creating, distributing, and consuming information. With restrictions, home working and social distancing, people who have had limited real social interaction have increasingly turned to social media platforms such as Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to seek connectivity.  Now more than ever before, making the effort to ramp up social media efforts can result in reinforcing existing client relationships and establishing new ones.

It is undeniable that the world has completely changed since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the future will likely continue to remain unpredictable and ever-changing, remaining adaptable and flexible with the assistance of digital technology and social media will remain of utmost importance when it comes to preparing for the future post-pandemic.

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