Our Work: Galway Hydrogen Hub (GH2)

Galway Hydrogen Hub Logo - Heneghan Public Relations - PR Agency Dublin

The team at Heneghan was proud to work with the Galway Hydrogen Hub (GH2) consortium to announce the launch of Ireland’s first Hydrogen Valley in the Galway region.

The GH2 consortium consists of seven members - NUI Galway, the Port of Galway, CIÉ Group and Bus Éireann, Aran Islands Ferries, Lasta Mara Teo, Aer Arann Islands, and SSE Renewables - who are proposing to develop a Hydrogen Valley in the Galway region, similar to those launched in other European countries.

Heneghan played a leading role in developing a communications strategy while coordinating the media, social media, website development, messaging and design, stakeholder management and public affairs activity. The GH2 consortium was formally announced by An Taoiseach, Micheál Martin TD at an event hosted by the Port of Galway in April 2022.

The GH2 consortium in Galway will support the development of the research, production, distribution and utilisation of renewable hydrogen gas, which is considered an important step towards enabling the development of a new hydrogen economy.

Announcement of the Galway Hydrogen Hub (GH2) project - Heneghan Public Relations - PR Agency Dublin

Pictured at the announcement of the Galway Hydrogen Hub (GH2) project were the consortium members (from left):  Dr. Dermott Crombie, Aran Island Ferries and Lasta Mara Teo; Dr. Rory Monaghan, NUI Galway; Stephen Kent, CEO, Bus Éireann; Conor O’Dowd, CEO, Port of Galway; An Taoiseach, Micheál Martin TD; Louse Glennon, SSE Renewables; John O’Sullivan, GH2 Project Manager; Jarlath Conneely, Managing Director, Aer Arann Islands; and Maurice O’Gorman, Chairman, Port of Galway.

This will position Galway as the home of Ireland’s first Hydrogen Valley, providing green hydrogen for use in transport, industry and within local communities in the greater region.

The combined media, social media and public affairs strategy devised in the lead up to the launch event served to announce the consortium involved in the proposed Galway Hydrogen Hub and raise awareness among key stakeholders on a local and national level.

The Heneghan team will continue to support GH2 as the project progresses.

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