Doing Business in Ireland

Heneghan is the partner that will assist in the development, protection and enhancement of your reputation on your journey in Ireland.

Guidance for Foreign Direct Investment

If you plan on doing business in Ireland, whether by opening a new office or production facility, acquiring an existing asset, or establishing a global or EMEA corporate headquarters, you will require specific communications support in support of your objectives.

We recognise the challenges that companies can encounter when establishing a presence in Ireland. As your experienced strategic communications partner, Heneghan can provide a comprehensive effective service that delivers the optimum outcomes for your organisation’s needs.

What you need and how we can help:

  • Introduce your business in Ireland and establish a presence for the company
    • Through active stakeholder engagement, Heneghan will help to develop a network for your company, throughout industry and at local and political levels. And through the media and by curating press releases to highlight your work, Heneghan will look to position your organisation favourably in Ireland.
  • Media communications – including the vertical you operate – business, financial, technology, health, regional etc.
    • Heneghan will target the specific media to your industry, whilst also targeting regional and national media as required. We will ensure that any relevant news about your company is shared to the right people at the right time to ensure optimum coverage.
  • Development of a localised ESG strategy
    • Heneghan will work to highlight the company’s commitment to Ireland and the active role which your company can play in creating a socially responsible work-environment, adhering to best practices in sustainability. The recommended approach is a localised ESG strategy, allowing you to emphasise your core values and positioning your company as a key contributor to the community.
  • Issue & crisis planning
  • Heneghan is recognised as a leader in the field of crisis and issues management in Ireland and has been retained by companies, organisations, and individuals during times of critical importance.

Heneghan is the partner that will assist in creating, developing, enhancing and maintaining your reputation in Ireland.

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