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Lost @ Heneghan PR!

By Heneghan | May 26, 2010

After years of dedication to Lost, I had mixed feelings and felt more confused than ever after the final show. A friend sent me the below summerisation, and while I’m still confused over some aspects, it does answer questions about the Island, and help me tie up a few loose ends in my own mind….…

Election Fever

By Heneghan | May 10, 2010

by Nigel Heneghan Following an engaging and robust campaign culminating in polling on Thursday (6th May 2010) and a compelling overnight count into Friday, it is likely that political stability of sorts will in the next day or so return to the UK, probably with a David Cameron led Conservative involving direct (coalition) or indirect…

“Planes, Trains and …..”

By Heneghan | April 19, 2010

Not quite a case of “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” on Saturday, but it was close as one might get. Following two unscheduled nights in London it was a 5:15 am alarm call just off the King’s Road and a 6:00 am taxi to London Euston for the first of three trains to Holyhead – Euston…

Blogging Time

By Heneghan | March 5, 2010

By Nigel Heneghan – The time has come,  I have been pointedly informed, to get with it and to get blogging. So here goes. Unless a client requirement dictated otherwise, I managed to safely navigate my way through the noughties in blissful ignorance of Boards and Blogs and other such offerings. And as far as…

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