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Start-up CLEVERNET to provide building owners with a new level of

automation to improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption

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Start-up CLEVERNET to provide building owners with a new level of automation to improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption


Dublin 15th October 2020:  CLEVERNET, a recently established Irish start-up which commenced trading in May 2020, is targeting the owners and managers of commercial buildings with a suite of innovative intelligent services that will enable the management of their premises more efficiently.


CLEVERNET’s service is based on the deployment of wireless technology and AI over a unique software platform to provide clients with a far greater level of control & efficiency. CLEVERNET empowers building owners to make timely and informed changes in relation to their building systems and energy consumption, enabling them to impactfully decrease their energy spend and successfully reach their sustainability objectives.

The suite of CLEVERNET services will include CLEVERCloud, a Wi-Fi management portfolio; CLEVEREnergy, innovative value added solutions aimed at reducing carbon footprint and reducing overall energy costs; and CLEVERLogger, an online energy management tool so clients can monitor the energy consumption and carbon footprint of their building in real time.

All CLEVERNET services can be managed through a management dashboard called Kernel, which has been developed to a MVP (minimum viable product) stage and is being live tested with a number of customers.  Kernel will capture and report key KPIs such as a building’s carbon levels, energy reduction, occupancy data, fault detection, and internet connectivity.  This critical building information will then be presented to customers remotely over a management dashboard.

“Having worked on the development of our new software, we are now ready to offer it to the market in Ireland and the UK. This represents a significant new departure in the management of office buildings, hotels and other premises covering crucial areas such as energy use, occupancy, and telecommunications connectivity,” said Shane Deasy, Founder and CEO of CLEVERNET. “Furthermore, the timing of our entry to the market in Ireland is aligned with the recent publication of the Government’s Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill and Budget 2021, where a number of measures aimed at carbon reduction have been introduced.”

CLEVERNET plans to move quickly into the UK and European markets, and intends to partner with a number of Facility Management companies, Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and other resellers. The company plans to work with up to ten resellers in the UK who have buildings numbering between 1000 and 5000 under management.

As part of its plans to roll-out its services, CLEVERNET has also engaged in a strategic partnership with Canadian start-up BrainBox AI to deploy its game-changing AI technology to buildings across Europe. With BrainBox AI, CLEVERNET will seek to deliver building automation across Europe, using the latest remote sensor technology and deep learning, to create building efficiencies for its customers across all types of commercial premises.  One of these customers is Henderson Park Capital which is looking for new and innovative ways of optimising the operational efficiency and sustainability of its buildings.


“The partnership with BrianBox AI makes perfect sense. Its advanced AI platform is complementary to our own service and together, we expect to create a forward-looking dynamic offering,” said Shane Deasy.


CLEVERNET was founded by Shane DeasyGareth Morgan, Kieran McRea and Russell McQuillan.

Previously Shane Deasy was the founder of Wi-Fi company, Bitbuzz, which was sold to Virgin Media in 2014.  For the last two years he has operated a telecommunications service company called Connect2Fi.

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